Ageruo Gibberellic Acid 90%Tc (GA3 / GA4+7) for Products Cytokinin

Introduction The advantages of Gibberellic Acid 40% SP (GA3 40% SP) are uniform particles, good fluidity, and easy measurement. It can dissolve quickly in water and evenly disperse in water, so compared with other dosage forms, it can give full play to the efficacy. Because SP does not contain organic solvents, it will not cause phytotoxicity and environmental pollution due to solvents. The storage stability is good, the production cost is low, and it is safe to use.  
Product Name Gibberellic Acid 40% SP
CAS Number 1977/6/5
Molecular Formula C19H22O6
Type Plant Growth Regulator
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Gibberellic acid 0.12% + Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate 2.88% SG Gibberellic acid 2.2% + Thidiazuron 0.8% SL Gibberellic acid 0.4% + Forchlorfenuron 0.1% SL Gibberellic acid 0.135% + Brassinolide 0.00031% + Indol-3-ylacetic acid 0.00052% WP Gibberellic acid 2.7% + (+)-abscisic acid 0.3% SG Gibberellic acid 0.398% + 24-epibrassinolide 0.002% SL
    Gibberellic Acid Use On fruit trees, the application of Gibberellic Acid can promote fruit enlargement and weight gain, and achieve the effect of increasing yield. In the nursery, Gibberellic Acid can be made into seed coating agent for seed treatment to promote seed germination and seedling growth. Promote the formation of fruit setting or seedless fruit. Spraying the flowers with a proper amount of liquid medicine during the flowering period of cucumber can promote fruit setting and increase production. 7-10 days after the grapes bloom, spray the ears with an appropriate amount of liquid medicine to promote the formation of seedless fruits. Note When Gibberellic Acid 40% SP is used, it can be dissolved in a small amount of alcohol or liquor first. It is not advisable to apply the pesticide in the field where you want to leave the seeds. It inhibits the formation of adventitious roots.  

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