Ageruo Gibberellic Acid 10% TB (GA3 / GA4+7) for Seed Germination with Best Price

Introduction The advantage of Gibberellic Acid Tablet (Ga3 Tablet) is that it can be directly dissolved in water and dissolved completely; it has no dust pollution, is safe for the operator, and reduces environmental pollution; it is accurate in dosage, does not need to be weighed during use, and is easy to operate; The area where the active ingredient is in direct contact with the air, the active ingredient and the physical and chemical properties of the product are easy to maintain stability, extending the shelf life.
Product Name Gibberellic Acid 10% TB 、GA3 10% TB
CAS Number 77-06-5
Molecular Formula C19H22O6
Type Plant Growth Regulator
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Gibberellic acid 0.12% + Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate 2.88% SG Gibberellic acid 2.2% + Thidiazuron 0.8% SL Gibberellic acid 0.4% + Forchlorfenuron 0.1% SL Gibberellic acid 0.135% + Brassinolide 0.00031% + Indol-3-ylacetic acid 0.00052% WP Gibberellic acid 2.7% + (+)-abscisic acid 0.3% SG Gibberellic acid 0.398% + 24-epibrassinolide 0.002% SL
  Feature & Use Gibberellic Acid Tablet can significantly increase the yield of rice, cotton, vegetables, fruits, cotton, etc. The most obvious effect of Gibberellic Acid is to stimulate the elongation of plant cells, making plants grow taller and leaves enlarged. It can break the dormancy of seeds, tubers and roots and promote their germination. It can stimulate fruit growth, increase seed setting rate or form seedless fruits. It can replace low temperature and promote early flower bud differentiation of some plants that require low temperature to pass the growth stage. It can also replace the role of long-day sunlight, so that some plants can bloom in short-day conditions. When used, different crops have different application methods such as smearing, seed soaking, seed dressing, root dipping, spraying, etc. in different periods.  

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