Ageruo Gibberellic Acid 4% EC of Efficient Plant Growth Hormone (GA3 / GA4+7)

Introduction Gibberellic acid (GA3 / GA4 + 7) is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. Gibberellic acid 4% EC has the advantages of long production history, mature processing technology, high efficacy, convenient use and stable properties.
Product Name Gibberellic Acid 4% EC、 Ga3 、Ga4+7
CAS Number 1977/6/5
Molecular Formula C19H22O6
Type Plant Growth Regulator
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
Gibberellic Acid Uses It can promote the growth and development of crops and make them mature early. Increase yield and improve quality. It can break dormancy of seed, tuber and bulb and promote germination. It can reduce the shedding of flowers and young fruits, improve the fruit bearing rate and form seedless fruits. Adjust the flowering of flowers to make some 2-year-old plants bloom in the same year. They are used in various ways. Whether spraying, smearing or dipping roots can regulate plant growth. GA3 / GA4 + 7 is widely used. It can be used for rice, wheat, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and other crops to promote their growth, germination, flowering and fruiting. Note Attention should be paid to the dosage. Excessive GA3 / GA4 + 7 may affect the yield. Gibberellic acid has little water solubility, so it can be dissolved with a small amount of alcohol, and then diluted with water to the required concentration. Gibberellic acid treatment of crops will lead to the increase of sterile seeds, so it is not suitable to apply the drug in the field where the seeds want to be left. Packaging  

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