Wholesale Acetamiprid 70% WP for Excellent Insect Killer

Introduction Acetamiprid products is a kind of low toxic insecticide, which has certain acaricidal activity, contact killing effect and plant absorption conductivity. It acts on the insect nervous system, interferes with the stimulation conduction of the insect nervous system, and causes the blocking of the nervous system pathway, which leads to the paralysis of the insect and eventually death.
Product Name Acetamiprid
CAS Number 135410-20-7
Molecular Formula C10H11ClN4
Type Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Acetamiprid 15% + Flonicamid 20% WDG Acetamiprid 3.5% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 1.5% ME Acetamiprid 1.5% + Abamectin 0.3% ME Acetamiprid 20% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC Acetamiprid 22.7% + Bifenthrin 27.3% WP
Dosage Form Acetamiprid 20% SP 、 Acetamiprid 50% SP
Acetamiprid 20% SL 、 Acetamiprid 30% SL
Acetamiprid 70% WP 、 Acetamiprid 50% WP
Acetamiprid 70% WG
Acetamiprid 97% TC
  Acetamiprid Uses Acetamiprid has strong contact and penetration effect, long residual period and good control effect on aphids on vegetables and fruit trees. Because of its unique mechanism, it can control aphids resistant to existing insecticides.     Using Method
Formulation: Acetamiprid 70% WP
Crop Pest Dosage Usage method
Cabbage Aphid 18-27 g/ha Spray
Cucumber Aphid 30-45 g/ha Spray
Citrus Aphid 80000-90000 times liquid Spray
Wheat Aphid 40-50 g/ha Spray
  Note It is toxic to silkworm. Do not spray it on mulberry leaves. Acetamiprid products are mixed with strong alkaline solution. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. Mixed storage with food is forbidden.  

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