Ageruo Systemic Insecticide Acetamiprid 70% WG for Killing Pest

Introduction Acetamiprid pesticide has the characteristics of wide insecticidal spectrum, high activity, low dosage, long lasting effect and so on. It mainly has contact and stomach toxicity, and has excellent absorption activity. In the mechanism of killing insects and mites, acetamiprid molecule can specifically bind to acetylcholine receptor, which makes its nerve over excited, and finally makes the pest mites paralyzed and die.  
Product Name Acetamiprid
CAS Number 135410-20-7
Molecular Formula C10H11ClN4
Type Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Acetamiprid 15% + Flonicamid 20% WDG Acetamiprid 3.5% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 1.5% ME Acetamiprid 1.5% + Abamectin 0.3% ME Acetamiprid 20% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC Acetamiprid 22.7% + Bifenthrin 27.3% WP
Dosage Form Acetamiprid 20% SP 、 Acetamiprid 50% SP
Acetamiprid 20% SL 、 Acetamiprid 30% SL
Acetamiprid 70% WP 、 Acetamiprid 50% WP
Acetamiprid 70% WG
Acetamiprid 97% TC
  Acetamiprid Uses To control all kinds of vegetable aphids, spraying liquid medicine in the early peak period of aphid occurrence has good control effect. Even in rainy years, the efficacy can last more than 15 days. The aphids, such as jujube, apple, pear and peach, were sprayed at the initial stage of the outbreak of aphids. The aphids were effective and resistant to rain scour, and the effective period was more than 20 days. The control of Citrus aphids, spraying at the outbreak stage of aphids, has good control effect and longer specificity for citrus aphids, and there is no phytotoxicity at normal dose. Acetamiprid uses in agriculture prevented aphids on cotton, tobacco and peanut and sprayed at the initial stage of aphid emergence, and the control effect was good.     Using Method
Formulation: Acetamiprid 70% WG
Crop Pest Dosage Usage method
Tobacco Aphid 23-30 g/ha Spray
Watermelon Aphid 30-60 g/ha Spray
Cotton Aphid 23-38 g/ha Spray
Cucumber Aphid 30-38 g/ha Spray
Cabbage Aphid 25.5-32 g/ha Spray
Tomato Whiteflies 30-45 g/ha Spray

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