Oxyfluorfen 95% TC of Top sale Ageruo Selective Herbicide

Introduction Oxyfluorfen is a selective pre - or post bud herbicide. It has the characteristics of wide range of use and broad spectrum of killing grass. It can be combined with a variety of herbicides to expand the spectrum of weed control and is easy to use.
Product Name Oxyfluorfen
CAS Number 42874-03-3
Molecular Formula C15H11ClF3NO4
Type Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Oxyfluorfen 18% + Clopyralid 9% SC Oxyfluorfen 6% + Pendimethalin 15% + Acetochlor 31% EC Oxyfluorfen 2.8% + Prometryn 7% + Metolachlor 51.2% SC Oxyfluorfen 2.8% + Glufosinate-ammonium 14.2% ME Oxyfluorfen 2% + Glyphosate ammonium 78% WG
Application Oxyfluorfen 95% TC product had higher control effect on annual broad-leaved grass, sedge and grass, and the control effect on broad-leaved grass was higher than that on grass Oxyfluorfen TC and other products are used to control barnyardgrass, Sesbania, Bromus graminis, Setaria viridis, Datura stramonium, Agropyron stolonifera, ragweed, Hemerocallis spinosa, Abutilon bicolor, mustard monocotyledon and broad leaf weeds in cotton, onion, peanut, soybean, beet, fruit tree and vegetable fields before and after sprouting. Note After using oxyfluorfen formula in garlic field, if it rains heavily or for a long time, the new garlic will appear distortion and albinism, but it will recover after a period of time. The dosage of oxyfluorfen tech should be flexibly controlled according to the soil quality, low dosage should be used for sandy soil, and high dosage should be used for loamy soil and clay soil Spraying should be uniform and comprehensive to improve the effect of contact weeding.

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