Ageruo Oxyfluorfen 24% EC Heribicide for Annual Weed

Introduction Oxyfluorfen 24% Ec is a low toxicity, contact herbicide. The best application effect was at the early stage before and after bud. It has a wide spectrum of weed killing for seed germination. It can inhibit perennial weeds.
Product Name Oxyfluorfen 24% EC、Oxyfluorfen 240 EC
CAS Number 42874-03-3
Molecular Formula C15H11ClF3NO4
Type Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Oxyfluorfen 9% + Pretilachlor 32% + Oxadiazon 11% EC Oxyfluorfen 12% + Anilofos 16% + Oxadiazon 9% EC Oxyfluorfen 5% + Pendimethalin 15% + Metolachlor 35% EC Oxyfluorfen 14% + Pendimethalin 20% EC Oxyfluorfen 22% + Diflufenican 11% SC
  Application Herbicide Oxyfluoren 240 EC was the best in the early application of weeds before and after bud. It has a good contact killing effect on weeds in seed germination period, and the killing spectrum is wide. It can inhibit perennial weeds. Herbicide Oxyfluorfen 240 EC is used to control barnyardgrass, Sesbania, dry Bromus, Setaria, Datura stramonium, Agropyron stolonifera, ragweed, Pogostemon spinosa, Abutilon, mustard monocotyledon and broad-leaved weeds before and after sprouting in cotton, onion, peanut, soybean, beet, fruit tree and vegetable fields. Using Method  
Formulation: Oxyfluorfen 24% Ec、Oxyfluorfen 240g/L Ec
Crop  Fungal diseases    Dosage   Usage method
Paddy field Annual weeds 150-300 (ml/ha) Poisonous soil
Apple orchard Annual weeds 900-1200 (g/ha) Spray
Cotton field Annual weeds 600-900 (g/ha) Spray
Forestry Nursery Annual weeds 1125-1500 (ml/ha) Soil spray
Peanut field Annual weeds 600-900 (g/ha) Spray
Sugarcane field Annual weeds 450-750 (g/ha) Soil spray
Garlic field Annual weeds 600-750 (ml/ha) Spray

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