High quality factory price hot sale herbicide chlorotoluron 95%TC, 25%WP, 50%WP, 50%WDG


Product Name Chlortoluron25%WP
CAS Number 15545-48-9
Molecular Formula C10H13CLN2O
Type Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The complex formula Chlortoluron 4.5%+MCPA 30.5% WP
Other dosage form Chlortoluron50%WPChlortoluron95%TC


"25% WP" stands for "25% Wettable Powder." This indicates that the product contains 25% of the active ingredient (chlorotoluron) by weight in the form of a wettable powder. Wettable powders are solid formulations that can be mixed with water to create a suspension that can be sprayed onto crops. The wettable powder formulation helps ensure even distribution of the active ingredient on the target plants.

When using chlorotoluron 25% WP or any other herbicide, it's essential to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper application, handling, and safety precautions. Incorrect use of herbicides can have negative impacts on both the environment and non-target plants. Always consult with agricultural experts or relevant authorities before using such products.

Using Method



Target Weeds


Using Method



Barley field

Annual weed


Spray before or after seeding

Wheat field

Annual weed


Corn field

Annual weed




Chlorotoluron is mainly used to control grasses and broad-leaved annual weeds in wheat fields. It can also be used to control weeds in corn, cotton, sorghum, grains, peanuts and other crops.



Acute oral for rats LD50 > 10000mg/kg, and acute oral for mice 1620-2056mg/kg . Rat acute percutaneous LD50>2000mg/kg. After feeding by for 90 days, the no-effect dose is 53mg/kg for rats and 23mg/kg for dogs. The LC50 for rainbow trout is 30mg/L (48h). Low toxicity to birds. Safe for bees.

Chlorotoluron is a selective herbicide that is commonly used to control grass and broadleaf weeds in various crops like wheat, barley, and oats. It belongs to the class of chemicals known as urea herbicides. The "25% WP" designation refers to the concentration and formulation of the product.









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