Controlling Diseases Pesticide Fungicide Carbendazim 80% WP

Introduction Carbendazim 80% WP interferes with the formation of spindle in the mitosis of pathogen, affects cell division and plays a bactericidal role.
Product Name Carbendazim 80% WP
Other Name Carbendazole
CAS Number 10605-21-7
Molecular Formula C9H9N3O2
Type Insecticide
Shelf life 2 Years
Formulations 25%、50%WP,40%、50%SC,80%WG
The mixed formulatiion products Carbendazim 64% + Tebuconazole 16% WP Carbendazim 25% + Flusilazole 12% WP Carbendazim 25% + Prothioconazole 3% SC Carbendazim 5% + Mothalonil 20% WP Carbendazim 36% + Pyraclostrobin 6% SC Carbendazim 30% + Exaconazole 10% SC Carbendazim 30% + Difenoconazole 10% SC
 Carbendazim Uses Carbendazim 80% WP is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which is often used in the prevention and treatment of plant diseases in cereals, vegetables and fruits. Control of cereal diseases, including head smut and scab of wheat, rice blast and sheath blight. Attention should be paid to the stem of rice when spraying. Seed dressing or soaking was used to control cotton Damping off and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. 80% carbendazim WP was used to treat peanut Damping off, stem rot and root rot. The peanut seeds can also be soaked for 24 hours or moistened with water, and then dressed with appropriate dosage. Using Method
Formulation: Carbendazim 80% WP
Crop Fungal diseases   Dosage  Usage method
Rape Sclerotinia sclerotiorum 1500-1800 (g/ha) Spray
Wheat Scab  1050-1350 (g/ha) Spray
Rice Rice blast  930-1125 (g/ha) Spray
Apple Anthracnose 1000-1500 times liquid Spray
Apple Ring rot  1000-1500 times liquid Spray
Peanut Seedling lodging  900-1050 (g/ha) Spray

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