Agrochemical Highly Effective Carbendazim 50% SC Systemic Fungicide

Introduction  Carbendazim 50% SC is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which has control effect on many kinds of crop diseases caused by fungi. It plays a bactericidal role by interfering with the formation of spindle in the mitosis of pathogenic bacteria, thereby affecting cell division.
Product Name  Carbendazim 50% SC、Carbendazim 500g/L Sc
Other Name Carbendazole
CAS Number  10605-21-7
Molecular Formula C9H9N3O2
Type  Insecticide
Shelf life  2 Years
Formulations  25%、50%WP,40%、50%SC,80%WG
The mixed formulatiion products Carbendazim 64% + Tebuconazole 16% WP Carbendazim 25% + Flusilazole 12% WP Carbendazim 25% + Prothioconazole 3% SC Carbendazim 5% + Mothalonil 20% WP Carbendazim 36% + Pyraclostrobin 6% SC Carbendazim 30% + Exaconazole 10% SC Carbendazim 30% + Difenoconazole 10% SC
Carbendazim Uses Carbendazim systematic fungicide can effectively control a variety of crop diseases caused by fungi. It can be used to control wheat scab, rice sheath blight, rice blast, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and a variety of fruit and vegetable diseases, such as powdery mildew, anthracnose, scab and so on. Using Method
Formulation: Carbendazim 50% SC
Crop Fungal diseases   Dosage  Usage method
Wheat Scab  1800-2250 (g/ha) Spray
Rice Sharp Eyespot  1500-2100 (g/ha) Spray
Apple Ring rot  600-700 times liquid Spray
Peanut Leaf spot  800-1000 times liquid Spray