Oxyfluorfen 2% Granular of Weed Killer Ageruo Herbicide

Introduction Selective herbicide oxyfluorfen is a selective pre or post bud herbicide. It mainly enters the plant through the coleoptile and mesodermal axis, and is absorbed less through the root, and a little is transported upward through the root into the leaf.
Product Name Oxyfluorfen 2% G
CAS Number 42874-03-3
Molecular Formula C15H11ClF3NO4
Type Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Oxyfluorfen 18% + Clopyralid 9% SC Oxyfluorfen 6% + Pendimethalin 15% + Acetochlor 31% EC Oxyfluorfen 2.8% + Prometryn 7% + Metolachlor 51.2% SC Oxyfluorfen 2.8% + Glufosinate-ammonium 14.2% ME Oxyfluorfen 2% + Glyphosate ammonium 78% WG
Feature The directional spraying of Oxyfluorfen 2% G after corn seedling can not only kill all kinds of broad-leaved weeds, sedge and grasses which have been unearthed, but also have good soil sealing effect, so its holding period is longer than that of general soil treatment agents and post seeding directional spray agents. Because oxyfluorfen 2% granular has no internal absorption and conduction effect, it is easy to control the drift damage of corn and recover quickly, so it can be used for weeding in various orchards. Oxyfluorfen Uses Selective herbicide oxyfluorfen is a kind of herbicide with good effect on Euphorbia, which has less dosage and low cost. At the same time, because of its broad spectrum of weed killing, it can also kill Setaria, barnyardgrass, Polygonum, Chenopodium album, amaranth, Cyperus heteromorpha and other weeds in soybean, nursery, cotton, rice and orchard.

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