The herbicide in rice fields-Penoxsulam

Penoxsulam is a herbicide widely used in rice fields currently on the market. Weeds stopped growing quickly after Penoxsulam treatment, but the complete death rate was slower.



1. Effective against most major weeds in rice fields, including barnyardgrass, annual Cyperaceae and many broad-leaved weeds.

2. It is safe for rice and is suitable for rice with various cultivation methods.

3. Flexible method of use: it can be used as post-emergence stem and leaf spray or soil treatment.

4. Quickly absorb, resistant to rain washing.

5. Can be mixed with other paddy field herbicides.

6. The validity period can be up to one month.



Due to lack of water, dry-sown rice fields are prone to phytotoxicity.

When rice seedlings are small and weak, they may suffer from phytotoxicity and should be used with caution.

Cold weather will reduce the metabolic rate of Penoxsulam in rice, which may result in inhibition or yellowing of japonica rice.

It should not be mixed with foliar fertilizer.

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