Boscalid is a new type of nicotinamide fungicide with a broad bactericidal spectrum and is active against almost all types of fungal diseases. It is also effective against bacteria resistant to other chemicals, and is mainly used for the control of diseases including rape, grapes, fruit trees, vegetables and field crops. It has no cross-resistance with carbendazim, skeletal, etc.


Transferred in plants through foliar penetration, inhibits mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase, hinders tricarboxylic acid cycle, causes amino acid, sugar deficiency, energy reduction, interferes with cell division and growth, has neurological activity against diseases, and has protection and treatment effect. It inhibits spore germination, bacterial tube extension, mycelial growth and spore mother cells form the main stage of fungal growth and reproduction. The bactericidal effect is directly caused by the parent active substance without corresponding metabolic activity. It has no cross-resistance with carbendazim, skeletal, etc.


Single Formulation

Boscalid 25%SC,

Boscalid 30%SC,

Boscalid 43%SC,

Boscalid 50%WP,

Boscalid 50%WDG


Combine Formulation

Boscalid 25%SC+Diethofencarb25%SC,

Boscalid 15%+Pyrisoxazole 10%SC

Boscalid 25%+Triflumizole10%SC


Effective control

Rot and root rot

fungi desease