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Product Name  Triclopyr
CAS Number  55335-06-3
Molecular Formula  C7H4O3NCl3
Type  Herbicide
Brand Name  Ageruo
Place of Origin  Hebei,China
Shelf life  2 Years
The complex formula  Glyphosate50.4%+Triclopyr19.6%EC



Other dosage form  Triclopyr30%EC 




Triclopyr is a man-made herbicide used to control both broadleaf and woody plants.As it is not effective against gramineous plants, it can be used to control broadleaf weeds in wheat, corn, oats, and sorghum.

Triclopyr is an endo-absorbent and conductive herbicide, which is absorbed by the leaves and roots and transmitted to the whole plant, causing root, stem and leaf malformation, depletion of stored substances, embolism or rupture of vascular bundles, and gradual death of the plant.



Triclopyr is suitable for controlling broadleaved weeds and woody plants in non-cultivated land and forest, and can also be used for controlling broadleaved weeds in fields of grass-crops such as wheat, corn, oat and sorghum.


  1. Strong effect. Triclopyr has good performance on controlling of broadleaf bushes, annual or perennial weeds. In the early stage, the stem and leaf were twisted and withered.After about two weeks the weeds will completely die.
  2. Good mixability. It can be mixed with a variety of herbicides to expand the herbicidal spectrum.The complex formulation has no obvious antagonism.
  3. Triclopyr only has effect on broadleaf plants and has little effect on grass weeds. Therefore, when it is used as non-selective herbicide, Triclopyrl is usually mixed with other agents.


  1. When using this Triclopyr, you should wear long clothes and trousers, gloves, glasses, masks and other protective equipment to avoid inhaling the liquid medicine. Do not eat or drink during spraying. Wash hands and face in time after application;
  2. Triclopyr is high toxic to fish, so apply away it from rivers and ponds, and the liquid should not flow into lakes, rivers or fish ponds . It is forbidden to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers or ponds;
  3. Pregnant women and lactating women shouldn’t contact the herbicide;
  4. The used containers should be properly destroyed, and it cannot be used for other purposes.




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