Insecticide Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Highly Effective Systemic Pesticide

Introduction Cartap pesticide has strong contact killing and stomach toxic effects. It invades the junction of nerve cells and makes nerve cells not excited. It makes insects paralyzed, unable to gnaw, unable to move, stop developing and die.
Product Name Cartap
Other Name Cartap Hydrochloride 、 Padan
CAS Number 15263-53-3
Molecular Formula C7H15N3O2S2
Type Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei , China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Cartap 10% + Phenamacril 10% WP Cartap 12% + Prochloraz 4% WP Cartap 5% + Ethylicin 12% WP Cartap 6% + Imidacloprid 1% GR
Dosage Form Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP 、Cartap Hydrochloride 98% SP
Cartap Hydrochloride 4% GR 、 Cartap Hydrochloride 6% GR
Cartap Hydrochloride 75% SG
Cartap Hydrochloride 98% TC
Application Cartap hydroxychloride insecticide is used to control the pests of vegetables, rice, wheat, fruit trees and other crops. It is mainly used to control rice stem borer, rice stem borer and rice leaf miner. It is also used to control vegetable Pieris rapae and Plutella xylostella, fruit moth and leaf miner, Lepidoptera pests on tea tree, corn borer and potato tuber moth.   Using Method
Formulation: Cartap 50% SP
Crop Pest Dosage Usage method
Rice Rice leaf roller 1200-1500 g/ha Spray
Rice Chilo suppressalis 1200-1800 g/ha Spray
Rice Rice borer 600-1500 g/ha Spray
Rice Yellow rice borer 1200-1500 g/ha Spray

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