Herbicide Ioxynil for grain fields


Product Name Ioxynil240g/L EW
CAS Number 1689-83-4
Molecular Formula C7H3I2NO
Type Selective Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
Other dosage form Ioxynil300g/L EW



  1. Selective Action: Ioxynil is designed control broadleaf weeds while minimizing damage to desirable grasses and crops. This selectivity allows for effective weed control without significant harm to the desired plants.
  2. Broad Spectrum: Ioxynil has activity against a wide range of broadleaf weeds, making it versatile for use in different crops and agricultural settings. It can effectively control many common broadleaf weeds, reducing competition for nutrients, water, and light.
  3. Post-Emergence Control: Ioxynil is primarily used as a post-emergence herbicide, meaning it is applied after the weeds have emerged from the soil. This allows for targeted weed control once the problem plants are visible, reducing the risk of damage to emerging crops.





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