Factory Direct Supplier Insecticide Systemic Crop Protection Fungicide Hymexazol 30% SL

Name  Hymexazol 30% SL
Chemical equation C4H5NO2
CAS Number 10004-44-1
Other Name  Hymexazole
Formulations Hymexazol 15% SL、30%SL、8%、15%、30%AS;15%、70%、95%、96%、99%SP;20%EC;70% SP
The mixed formulatiion products 1.hymexazol  6%+propamocarb hydrochloride  24% AS2.hymexazol  25%+metalaxyl-M  5% SL  3.hymexazol  0.5%+azoxystrobin  0.5% GR  4.hymexazol  28%+metalaxyl-M  4% LS 5.hymexazol  16%+thiophanate-methyl  40% WP 6.hymexazol  0.6%+metalaxyl 1.8%+ prochloraz  0.6% FSC 7.hymexazol  2%+prochloraz  1% FSC 8.hymexazol  10%+fludioxonil  5% WP 9.hymexazol  24%+metalaxyl  6% AS 10.hymexazol  25%+metalaxyl-M  5% AS
Mode of Action Hymexazol 30% SL is a new generation product of Hymexazol. It is a highly effective pesticide fungicide, soil disinfectant, and a plant growth regulator. It has unique efficacy, high efficiency, low toxicity and pollution-free, and belongs to green environmental protection high-tech boutique. Oxymycin can effectively inhibit the normal growth of pathogenic fungi mycelia or directly kill bacteria, and can also promote plant growth; It can also promote the growth and development of crop roots, take root and strengthen seedlings, and improve the survival rate of crops. The permeability of oxamyl is extremely high. It can move to the stem in two hours and to the whole plant in 20 hours.   Using Method
Crop names Fungal diseases   Dosage Usage method
watermelon Fusarium wilt 600-800 times solution Root irrigation
Rice seedbed Rhizoctonia solani 3-6 g/m2 Spray or soil irrigation
Orchid Root rot 500-1000 times solution Root irrigation
Pepper Rhizoctonia solani 2.5-3.5 g/m2 Pouring

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