Ageruo Deltamethrin 50% EC with Provided Private Label Design

Introduction Dimethoate pesticide is a kind of insecticide and acaricide with internal absorption. It is easy to be absorbed by plants and transported to the whole plant, and maintains the efficacy in plants for about a week.
Product Name Dimethoate 50% EC
CAS Number 60-51-5
Molecular Formula C5H12NO3PS2
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
Dosage Form Dimethoate 30% EC 、 Dimethoate 40% EC 、 Dimethoate 98% TC
  Dimethoate Uses 1. Insecticide dimethoate is used to control aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, leafhoppers and other piercing sucking mouth pests, and also has a certain control effect on red spider mites. 2. It is used to control vegetable pests. Such as aphids, red spider, thrips, leaf miner, etc. 3. It can be used to control pests of fruit trees. Such as apple leafhopper, pear star caterpillar, Psylla, citrus red wax medium, etc. 4. It can be applied to field crops (wheat, rice, etc.) to control the piercing sucking mouthparts pests on a variety of crops. It has good control effect on aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies, leafminer pests and some scale insects. It also has certain control effect on mites.   Using Method
Formulation: Dimethoate 50% EC
Crop Pest Dosage Usage method
Cotton Aphid 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray
Cotton Mite 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray
Rice Plant hopper 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray
Rice Leafhopper 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray
Rice Yellow rice borer 1200-1500 (ml/ha) Spray
Rice Chilo suppressalis 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray
Tobacco Pieris Rapae 900-1200 (ml/ha) Spray

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